C3 - Commercial Command and Control

Drop-in autonomy solution for any vehicle, payload or attachment.



Full suite of manual vehicle & payload controls.



Task planning, editing and scheduling.

Smart Tasks

Purpose built task modules enable seamless autonomous control of custom payloads.


Virtually limitless support for sensors and software plugins.

Connect locally or manage secure, cloud connected fleets from anywhere in the world

Take manual command of the vehicle, its payloads and attachments 

Multiple control styles to support many vehicle types

Quickly move the vehicle by long pressing on the map 

Manually drive a route and assign Action points at specific locations

Build complex tasks with virtually unlimited locations and sequences of Actions using C3's intuitive point-n-click visual editor

Seamlessly cover large area's with grid type tasks 

Quickly Save, Edit and Execute Tasks on the fly

Schedule pre-saved tasks to run at any time, date or interval 

Assign custom auxiliary buttons by mapping to servo's, relays or Actions

Easily keep an eye on vehicle status with real time message display panel

Keep C3 and your vehicle up to date with the newest features utilizing seamless over-the-air wireless updates 

C3 Features:

C3 is proprietary software designed for AION ROBOTICS vehicles.


It is also backward compatible with virtually any Open Source                                       vehicle using the mavlink communication protocol. Copter, Plane, Rover


To enable advanced features, a companion computer running AIONcompanion software must be installed on the vehicle.


Open Source Compatibility Mode



 ArduPilot Support
 Mavlink Support
Ground Vehicle Support
Copter Support
Coming Soon!
Plane Support
Coming Soon!
User Accounts
Manual Control
Live Video Feed
Waypoint Navigation
Route Style Tasks
Grid Style Tasks
Task Editor
Task Saving
Auxiliary Buttons
Configurable Map Types
Unit Selection
Audible Alerts
Debug Message Log
Vehicle Parameter 
Support for Wifi or Digital Point-to-Point

Action Types

Delay Action
Set Relay Action
Set Servo Action
Restart Task Action
All Open Source Features
Task Scheduling
Task Recording
Task Notifications
Smart Tasks
PTZ Camera Control
Indoor Navigation
Coming Soon
H264/H265 Video Feed
Cellular, Satellite and Custom Networking
Cloud Connectivity
Coming Soon
Collision Avoidance 
Up to SAE 4 - Off-Road Autonomy
Wireless Updates
Vehicle Monitoring and Maintenance Records
Multi-Vehicle Control
Coming Soon
Custom Software Integration
Control API
Coming Soon

Action Types

All Basic Actions
Engine & Transmission Control
Hydraulics Control
Custom Payload Control
Custom Software Control
Tailored Neural Networks

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