​What if you could easily transport materials and equipment across rugged off-road environments, 24/7/365, without the need for a dedicated driver? 

  • If remote sites were continuously patrolled preventing theft and increased safety?

  • If Farmers could spray crops day/night, harvest faster and keep away from toxic dangers? 

  • If Ranchers could implement selective grazing practices without expensive cross fencing?

  • If livestock checks and movements could be automated? 

  • If snow and ice could be cleared before they became a hazard? 

  • or if sensors could be deployed precisely and on demand from hour to hour, day to day or even year to year?


AION ROBOTICS makes this possible TODAY

Boasting 90HP, 2000lbs of hauling capacity and support for thousands of standard ATV, UTV or Pickup attachments, our "Ranch Hand" autonomous vehicle will forever change the way you manage operations. 

This easy to use, fully autonomous ATV and its attachments are effortlessly managed using AION ROBOTICS Commercial Command and Control "C3" software.


C3 runs on a rugged IP68 waterproof touch screen tablet providing a full suite of vehicle management, task creation, editing and scheduling features. 


  • RTK GPS/GNSS Positioning

  • Point-n-click Task Editor

  • Easy Path Recording


  • Support for long range WiFi, PtP, LTE, AES Encryption.

Manual Control

  • Manual vehicle and payload controls

  • Task Recording


  • Saved Tasks to automatically execute at a later date or set time interval.

Smart Tasks

  • Autonomous control of virtually any tools, attachments or 3rd party software.


  • Real-Time Collision Avoidance

Five modes of operation:

  1. Manual Control - Use touch screen controls to drive the vehicle and operate attachments

  2. Rally Point - Long press on the map and the vehicle will drive to that location

  3. Record Path - Manually drive the vehicle to save a new route and add Actions for it to execute at specific locations.  

  4. Task Editor - Draw the desired route on a map and set Actions as needed. 

  5. Task Execution - Choose a saved task to execute or schedule to run at a later date, time and/or frequency. 

Click HERE to learn more about C3


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(Need a larger vehicle? Our technology can be custom installed on equipment of any size)







37.5" (97.79 cm)

47.6" (120.9 cm)

83" (210.8 cm)

74" (187.9 cm)

40.5" (102.9 cm)

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