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The "R6" is a rugged, light commercial grade robotic platform designed for autonomous or remotely operated research applications. 

Its 6x6 configuration boasts terrain capabilities similar to tracked vehicles without the large hit to overall efficiency.

Spend time writing code, not fiddling with your robot!

The R6 ArduROS UGV comes fully assembled and "Ready to Code" Open Source with industry leading NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX, Pixhawk "Orange Cube" autopilot, HERE3 CAN M8P GPS module and touch control tablet.  

Providing unmatched quality and capability in its price range, the R6 UGV is an excellent choice for professional and educational R&D applications. 

The onboard Jetson Xavier AGX brings powerful AI capabilities at the edge, making possible a new class of intelligent machines.


This rugged Indoor/Outdoor capable UGV comes pre-loaded with Ubuntu desktop, ROS, example ROS control package and NVIDIAs JetPack SDK, which includes the BSP, libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and much more to accelerate your software development.

Vehicle control is provided through the included touch screen tablet running AION ROBOTICS C3 - Commercial Command and Control software. 

(Video steaming available with add on USB camera) 

The perfect choice for professional, educational or advanced developers looking for a quick jump start to working on a proven mobile robotics platform.

R6 ArduROS Edition:

Jetson Xavier equipped Open Source R&D platform



C3 - Commercial Command and Control


Access a full HUD on your tablet or smart phone.

View telemetry data and video in real time.

(Video supported by ArduROS Edition)

Task Planning


Creating autonomous missions has never been easier! Plot waypoints on a map and select position based actions to unlock virtually unlimited possibilities.

No coding required!

Autonomous Missions

Leveraging Ardupilot, the worlds leading Open Source autopilot, AION ROBOTICS C3 -Commercial Command and Control Software and Pixhawk 2.1 autopilot module, users can easily build waypoint strings to enable fully autonomous missions without ever writing a line of code! You'll also enjoy support for obstacle avoidance, position based servo control, camera gimbal control, indoor positioning and much more.


Wireless transmission of telemetry data.

Companion Computers


Take your autonomous missions to the next level by connecting any companion computer via serial connection!

An optional companion computer enables limitless advanced control features and custom scripting.

Looking for something turn key? [SEE HERE]

Control - Mobile

Game Time

R1 comes standard with a touch tablet and AION ROBOTICS C3 - Commercial Command and Control software license. 


Also supports:

QGrountControl (Android/iOS)

Long Run Time

R1 uses the same 14.8v 5.2Ah battery to provide +3 hours hours of continuous driving! 

Control - Desktop

Compatible with Windows and OS X Ground Control Stations.

Mission Planner (Windows)  QGrountControl (Windows,OS X, Linux)

ArduROS Software Stack

AIONio Block Diagram.png

Control Options:

>> ArduPilot as primary control layer + chassis PID

>> ArduPilot as "slave". Advanced positional control and sensor integration through ROS/MAVROS.

SDK System Requirements

Host Platform Requirements: 

  • JetPack L4T supports Ubuntu Linux x64 on your host PC.

    • Linux Ubuntu on your host PC will also work, except OpenCV and VisionWorks will be unavailable for installation on the host PC

    • A valid Internet connection and at least 10GB of disk space is needed for the complete installation of JetPack.

Target Platform Requirements:

  • A Jetson Developer Kit with Jetson Hardware

  • Additional target requirements:

    • USB Micro-B cable connecting Jetson to your Linux host for flashing.

    • (Not included in the developer kit) To connect USB peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and [optional] USB/Ethernet adapter (for network connection), a USB hub could be connected to the USB port on the Jetson system.

    • An HDMI cable connecting the HDMI port on Jetson Developer Kit, which is connected to an external HDMI display.

    • An Ethernet cable plugged into the on-board Ethernet port, which is connected to either a secondary network card on your Linux host or the same network router providing Internet access for the Linux host.

Turn Key

Commercial Solutions

The R6 platform can be outfitted to solve virtually any light commercial ground based autonomous/remote missions.


Whether its Agricultural or Commercial inspections, Site security or carrying sensitive sensors for research applications, Aion Robotics can provide a validated, "Turn Key" solution.

Custom Commercial Configurations:

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