Get the job done - In any weather, without special FAA licensing or troublesome airspace restrictions.

The M4 is a rugged, commercial grade, highly capable UGV designed for Commercial, Agricultural and Research applications.

Built from CNC Aluminum, featuring a modular top deck and ultra high strength polymer components, the Model M is engineered to thrive in rugged outdoor use.


The chassis weighs close to 30lbs(13kg) and rolls on special 9.6"x5.5" flotation tires that provide excellent traction and important shock protection for your sensitive electronics.

Power & Longevity

The M4 is capable of incredible torque and boasts a continuous run time beyond 10hrs.

Providing that power are twin, commercial grade, high torque 24v-75v brushless servo motors running through precision gearboxes and sealed ball bearings.


In addition, its intelligent servo drivers keep the the drivetrain protected from electrical, thermal and torque overload.


  • Remote or Autonomous Operation

  • Surveying & Mapping (RTK/LiDAR)

  • Photogrammetry

  • Site Security

  • Gas and Soil Sensor Deployment

  • Commercial Inspection

  • Damage Inspection

  • Agricultural Crop Inspection

  • Search & Rescue

  • 6x6 Chassis Option

Turn Key Solutions

The Model M platform can be outfitted to solve virtually any ground based autonomous needs.


Whether its Agricultural or Commercial inspections, Site security or carrying sensitive sensors for research applications, Aion Robotics can provide a validated, "Turn Key" solution.