M6 Heavy Commercial

Get the job done - In any weather, without special FAA licensing or troublesome airspace restrictions.

The M6 UGV is a rugged, weatherproof, commercial grade robotic platform designed for heavy duty autonomous or remotely operated Commercial, Agricultural and Research applications.

Its 6x6 configuration boasts terrain capabilities similar to tracked vehicles without the large hit to overall efficiency.


The M6 easily achieves run times well over 8hrs, produces up to 100ft-lb of torque and comes equipped an integrated air cooling system.  (Liquid cooling/heating available)


  • Weatherproof Design

  • All Terrain

  • Sealed Ball Bearings

  • Up to 100 lb-ft Torque (135Nm)

  • Up to 34V - 320 Amp Continuous

  • Aux Power Supply

  • Custom Configurable

  • Pixhawk 2.1 Compatible

  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 or Xavier Compatible


  • Remote or Autonomous Operation

  • Surveying & Mapping (RTK/LiDAR)

  • Photogrammetry

  • Site Security

  • Gas and Soil Sensor Deployment

  • Commercial Inspection

  • Damage Inspection

  • Agricultural Crop Inspection

  • Search & Rescue


Turn Key Solutions

The M6 platform can be outfitted to solve virtually any commercial ground based autonomous/remote missions.


Whether its Agricultural or Commercial Inspections, Site Security or carrying sensitive sensors for research applications, Aion Robotics can provide a validated, "Turn Key" solution.