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Intel Edison External WiFi Mod

The Intel Edison comes in two IOT versions:

EDI2.SPON.AL.S:   Internal Antenna

EDI2.SPOF.AL.S:    External Antenna


The only difference between the two versions is the additional internal antenna circuitry.

The internal version is stocked by Sparkfun and is by far the most popular sold. Even though there is a Coax connector on both internal and external versions of the board, the connector on the internal version is intended for testing purposes only.


Rather than buying the harder to find external version, you can disable the on board antenna circuitry effectively turning an internal board into an external board.

To disable the internal antenna circuitry, carefully use a soldering iron to remove the first resistor after the U.FL connector.


Note: After mod, you must install an external antenna before powering the board or you will damage the board.

This modification is performed at your own risk! AION ROBOTICS assumes no liability for damage caused by modification!

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